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Once Upon A Time..
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Founder&CEO, YUKIKO SAKATA, has experienced a vast array of widely different types of communications in her past 18 years of international work experiences. She was often assigned an important role of international sales & account coordination with a large volume of language translation duties. Communications were just about words. Even a concept behind them could vary between culture to culture. Attitudes and mindsets have also been different from country to country. Motivations and relationships preference, speech patterns and prioritization have been so, too. But such sensitive difference was not always detected. Facing the new and emerging world's chaotic but highly developed conditions pushed forward by the waves and movements with the industrial advancement, gradually such unique expertise started to be found useful in the frontline business scenes. Designing communications and adjusting them with the emotional and cultural aspect much taken into consideration, she managed to create the new niche of the "deeper and progressive communication strategy" tailored to her business consulting and marketing clients. Thanks to her clients and industry relations, INSPIRATIQUE (formerly Studio Magenta) was launched as the boutique marketing agency combined with the global business consulting firm. 


Organizational structure, cross-cultural relationships, international operation, problem solving consulting, communication analysis and re-designing, CX and business analysis.


Flexible marketing planning around the strategies in alignment with the market trend and the brand identity, experience centric, creativity focused;Brand Strategy, Marketing Planning, Advertising, PR 

Coined Terms To Describe "Now"


We will not have any options of alienating ourselves from robots and machines but giving them more humane elements while co-creating the future.


No global force against the market anymore:In-depth human insight, cultural adaptation and a constant watch on uprising inequality are inevitable.


Smart cities will help humans to form the new consumer behavioral patterns and accelerate the individual growth and differentiation.


The best brand expression must be uplifting per se for any humans in any moments, places, emotional states and dimensions. It used to be that the top of the hierarchy might “have it all” including the envies and desires of all- just altogether at once, until they fall and be taken over by others also rising up to become one. Consumers and markets are accustomed to the existing success model and therefore it tends to be what they naturally inherit when they first emerge themselves in the world of purchase consumptions. 


We tend to say that when one is fixed, the other is the disruptive matter. But in the greater globalism mindset influenced by the cultures and religions across the world, isn’t the norm the concept of “everything changing, or nothing is the same”, and isn’t it the way we humans can prosper in the highest and the greatest way? And as mindset is changing, the behaviors uninterruptedly affected by one’s subconscious will have already been in the process of making new moves, but without being known so. And the speed of the change, the scale of it, the impact of it or the possibility of the change per se, must be unpredictable and be representing the level of infinity we can reach as humans as a whole. 


In the market today with the massive influence of technology innovations, revolutionarily changing communication media as well as the contents being communicated, the format, the expression, the variations and of course the language which is another element that keeps changing through people, many market leaders do recognize the changes as well as the newness of the consumer behaviors as they try to get the right vibe of the market trend. 


This is leading marketers into the data analysis and continued digital activations to amplify what they have been doing with or without them.


We believe that half of the success is built with the basics, like the recognition of the new trend and the actual execution with it. But we also believe in something greater, the type of unseen success, completely out of the regular cases - miracles. If the former relies on supreme findings and constructive practices, the latter, we believe, lies in the mystery, the artistic supremacy, the right brain domain, intuitive creations. And the essence of such creation should be sprayed across any operational and managerial spectrum. If the former is the masculinity, the latter is the femininity. If the former is rather the left brain work, the latter is the progressive right brain job. Something in the brand messagings have to ignite the newness, the novelty at the above the top of the human possibilities in the value of each one of us. The art, we believe, is tremendously important, and the ingredients to create the best “art”, we believe, are the people and the chemistry, the electric wave and transmutation, between the matters seen and unseen, across time, spaces, dimensions and possibilities, and within themselves into the infinite expansion inside of each microcosm. 


We are INSPIRATIQUE, the business and marketing agency that can regularly tap into the infinite world of brand identity and help create the best strategies that work for the changing market. 

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