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Hello! My name is Yukiko Sakata. I am the Founder&CEO of INSPIRATIQUE, the business and marketing agency startup. We provide the creativity-driven philosophical strategies for the dynamic brand management and marketing communications.  

About me

I am a seasoned marketing strategist with the proven track record of serving the Fortune 100 clients, directly and from the agency-side. With my authentic diplomatic attitude and creativity, I have narrowed down my specialties in global business management and luxury marketing communications, mainly at the phase of strategic planning and global execution. My job is to help clients achieving the highest brand equity expressing their timeless, high-end and original values with their true identities. With the diversity-infused brand management and effective marketing communication both with integrity and well-thoughtout market adaptation, I help brands to have their own lives above the level of the measurable or predictable, utilizing my knowledge and experiences in brand heritage and identity, my intellectual and emotional insight, as well as my strong management skill. I believe that across all the timeframes and the markets, the identity to put forward must have the ability to communicate to the hearts of the people while surpassing their imagination with utmost supremacy. We are in the middle of transformational era; from the hierarchical structure to the blossoming network, from the power balance to the upward spinal collaborative growth, from the comparison to the fusional focus toward the greater creation, so on and so forth. At this point, is essential to adjust and upgrade the strategies and plans in alignment with the changing norms and hence, the standard. On the other hand, centering around what is already materialized can sometimes shrink the power of creativity. Facing this fundamental contradiction, overcoming the complexity, I level up the existing formula of exclusive identity expression to adapt to the new and beyond. The right form of brand evolution varies depending on each brand DNA.

I do this so that all of the brand identity expressions can ignite the power of inspiration and the process of co-creation to achieve the stronger fan base with the greatest aspiration.

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