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Take Back Your Power

Pandemic can be redefined as the global battle against what threats all of us. Physical distance is only for us to grow stronger to get connected with the greater love and peace beyond all.



The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic challenges our resilience, flexibility, patience, courage and strength.  It is only recent that the disease survivors get positive attention. The battle is however the harshest yet the most fulfilling one if we admit our wild genes that connect us all on the dark side. The purge of violence starts from the battle to destroy the enemies withholding us from moving forward. War is addictive and is essential in our world. We have the proven track records of systematic collective violence that last for thousands of years. With this battle, nobody can hesitate to win over the virus. 


How could the world do this to us? No answer, as opposed to what we tend to believe. It just does anything to us, which is also the shape of universal abundance we all receive. The only upside is the opportunity to truly get reconnected with our bodies. Our bodies are the ones that keep us all in this world together. We complain about them a lot and see them as if they are not perfect, but they are. The risks and dangers they are constantly facing, the fact that we are open to them, are the proofs that the universe is taking us up on the next level.


Our severely violence human history has become very sophisticated with the evolving education and disciplines. Over times, old ways are to be replaced with the new ways. Our old way of connecting ourselves to our bodies might have been heartless, considering the significant influence of emotions over our body systems including immune systems and overall strength. Some people argues that the diseases and even disasters, beyond the concept of time we all rely upon, may origin in what is stored inside of our hearts. For us to serve others and the rest of the world, for us to enjoy our lives and pursue our life purposes, it is critical to build the bold and stable considerate relationships with our own soul vehicles, bodies. Any regrets or depression drugging you down? Let that all go for everyone else that needs you for just the way you are.

How To Connect Through Hearts

Another way to show love to your beloved ones without any physical interaction is to send love to them from your hearts. For example...


Imagine shiny light in your heart.

Grow it bigger and bigger.

Build the bridge of the light to who you care.

Send your love to them.

How To Connect To Your Dream Life 

No time for you to suffer. Everything is achievable through joy and happiness. Here is how to force your future dream to happen regardless of your present condition. How about...

List up your dream destinations ever.

If you cannot think, steal somebody else's.

Write them down, and put them up .


The status of being content can reactivate your upward spiral of emotions that affect every area of your life. Even forcible appreciation diary can do it.

Before going to bed, take out a journal.

Write down 3 things you appreciate, e.g., air to breath, body that moves, lungs that work. Know that you are perfect.


For our greater happiness, we shall adapt any required changes. As long as the future is good, under the understanding beyond time regulations we all have, for the possibility of unlimited time and wealth anyways, battling is no more about the win or lose, but the path to the unrivaled victory of life.


Know that everything is perfect.

Any moments will shine over time. 

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