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Empowering Your Life Transformation From Within


Our mission is to provide the sanctuary media where the audience can stay reading and wondering about to get back their own power from anything else in the universe to help the people around the globe to breakthrough the existing norm to make happen their ultimate success in their lives.

Endless Happiness


Planet GemStar is to give reasons, methodologies and power to transform the lives of the audiences’ for the better and the greater. Our belief is that everyone is genius and is on the earth the bloom his/talents becoming the highest self he can ever be. We are the snowball in the connected age to make happen the internet of reality.


Be the No.1 information resource of life transformation tips for those who face the barriers and blocks in their life journeys.


Motivate and trigger the real life transformation from within through content marketing and engaging medium.


Motivate and trigger the real life transformation from within through content marketing and engaging medium.


Lead the world redefining innovation, progression and revolutions understanding the historical wisdoms.

"To Understand Everything Is To Forgive Everything." - Buddha

You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean. ― Alan Watts 


Planet Gemstar was born when the founder,  Yukiko Sakata was inspired by the fashion brand, Planet Blue, whose Japanese boutiques were managed by the company she was working for that time. The idea grew as she experienced even more international businesses. After she came back from her creative industry job in Singapore in 2015, the original version of Planet Gemstar was born was a blog site. The thought behind it was to ignite the passion for real life transformation and it grew as she met more and more people she would wish to support changing their destinies. Thinking of those that she had met but weren’t allowed to stay together missing the opportunities to learn the drastic change making in lives, Planet Gemstar became the ultimate lifestyle media brand created from the Empire State, New York City, where at the every corner you hear the different language from all over the world. Embracing the fundamentals of diversity and talent blooming, Planet GemStar seeks to be the best place for all the ambitious souls to rest, get educated and be energized  to achieve their greater success.


Our society is based on what we have built but including the earth, we are all living and changing everyday. The education system tells us the proven basic, but again it is not a living existence that grows with us. Laws, knowledge, scientifically proven theories, too, need to be adjusted anytime there is a gap between them and what the reality needs them to be. It is the material world we live in, and the proven strategies is following the materialistic rules that ironically have been trapping us in such jails of fearful thoughts. In the end, we conclude that life is hard. But is it really? Why do we struggle? Why do we fight? Can we be any better?

To tap into the truth that we are all infinite beings and unleash the full potential, we become the world's best and the happiest oasis where all the talent buds can be empowered without much noise.



We are a team of three + α, building the  project together  while we eager to meet the likeminded members to join us.

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Yukiko Sakata


Michael Berk


Kyle Monroe Dison

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