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How to lift one up from the darkest pit

Separation from God is one things we hate, as it won’t just leave one without the faithful belief in God but bury them in the complete loneliness that’s so helpless and hopeless to get out of. When we are there, we try to drug down others. When we do, acquiring their victims become joyful. It is the joy of the battle now occupying our hearts. This is my understanding about the recent emotional conflicts between cultures and people. One feeling unfair about his situation does not mean others are getting more than he has. Or it does not mean that things will be less unfair when he gets others to feel the same. It is indeed the method to appeal to the mass about what he had to go through using the power of quantity to grow the number of the same kind of victims he can collect in his hands, but would not be there any better ways? What are the secondarily victimized people? Why do they have to fight for him or for themselves that had been stupid enough to be used by him? People like to mind their business and see what’s for them, never for others that have anything to do with them. It is so not just because people are busy, but also that in communications that could make the listeners get the sense of exclusivity, this “irrelevant” information might be perceived as the painful ignorance, perhaps deliberate, to hurt or to cause waste in the victim’s energy focused on something else, to be sucked up by them to point it toward their problem that they need the victim’s energy for. Precisely speaking, this is what thugs do. They hurt people to gain. This is what violent people do. They don’t care how much damage they cause on others as far as they get what they wanted. In certain circumstances, it could be received as the declaration of the personal war, by signaling out that they don’t care though they are in the position to do so exceptionally. We tend to think that involving others would make things easier, but in fact, it is dangerous. Then what can we do instead of drugging others down to our level to climb back up to the regular mind state?

One very well-known method is emotional control. With technology development, humans nowadays can measure their brain waves and see if they are stressed or not. Self-loving attitude and the trend to increase it push them into this direction even more. Here, the relationship with one-self is tightened and utilzied. We want us to be well. So we make effort to improve our emotional health. This is similar to anybody who practices yoga and meditation. Some people might take a walk or go exercising. These activities help our bodies and mental get back in the normal state.

Quite similar to emotional control, there is another form of lifting one’s heart up which is to pray. Prayer, of course is done in the relationship with one’s God in heaven, has some influence on our emotions, even if it is done without the “relationship”. Prayer alone usually point one’s focus up to the desirable vision, and gives them the sense of enlightenment as the consciousness gets higher above the normal state and possibly gets connected with some other good stuff there.

How about involving others but without “drugging down to the same level”? Playing with them can release the closed up energy centers and revive the victim. It can refresh them and both get the benefit. Moment by moment they pass the time with infinite possibilities multiplied by their participation. Talking about it or just spending time together, usually work among good friends.

How about the separated despaired victim? No access to friends, no understanding, no hope to feel in heart, no money or resources. While personal effort like meditation or emotional controlling as listed above are still available, they aren’t that reliable. In the world of unity among all humans, however, anything that happens to one person can happen to another, if I understand it correctly, because humans are humans and for that fact we are similar, the same. In that trait of sameness, essences of experiences travel from one person to another. Alternatively, through the infinity, this have to happen more so than those that aren’t in the sameness of “human kind”. Ironically, us having brains, the miracle only permitted to humans, can cause this unwanted pervasiveness of undesired element. We are all miraculous, and therefore, we all get the same, possibly.

I am not listing up the reasons to justify the attacking act of “drugging down others as low as oneself”. That’s devilish, though leaving them alone there is utterly cruel. But it is not likely that we can feel that it is as though happening to us, or our friends or anything related to us. This is separation. We feel like we are “not them” as oppose to “similar to them”.

I suggest to think unique under the hypnosis that the world is one and you are the only person from the ice age up until now. You did everything. You were perhaps dinosaurs. You died but recovered. You fought with enemies and created the massive wars. You discovered amazing medicines. You succeeded in global business. May your original idea prosper exceeding the normal thinking limit.

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